JYSK Group is the most developed international retail network that sells all kinds of needs for homes. JYSK's success story began in 1979, when company founder Lars Larsen opened his first store in Aarhus, Denmark with a simple idea "always offering the best deals for everyone to realize Scandinavian-style homes." 

Until now, in the total JYSK Group has 2,724 stores and 23,000 employees spread across 52 countries, including Indonesia. Indonesia itself became the first country in Southeast Asia to join JYSK Group.


In Indonesia, JYSK was first presented in February 2014 and became a pioneer of furniture stores that introduced Scandinavian-style Living Experience.

 Various advantages offered such as quality products with affordable prices, minimalist Scandinavian-style furniture with character, products that are always up to date, and reach closer to the community.

With a variety of advantages possessed, JYSK Indonesia has opened 22 stores spread across Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and expansion into Makassar. In the near future, JYSK will also expand its wings by reaching other large cities.


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