I-CaRe Institute


As a consumer goods company that continues to grow rapidly, OT is well aware of the importance of training programs and Human Resources Development. Therefore, in early April 2000, OT set up the I-CaRe Institute, short for Intellectual Capital Resources, as the institution in charge of and responsible for training and development of all human resources.
In realizing its role, I-CaRe has prepared a model system for training and development of employees, starting from the orientation program for new employees, and refreshment as well as training and development programs for all, from staff up to management level.

Supporting facilities contained in I-CaRe :

  1. Library
    I-CaRe provides a wide collection of quality literature for improving competence.
  2. Magazine
    The I-CaRe Magazine helps to bridge communication between employees and management, the publication provides the latest information about development and progress of the company.
  3. Knowledge Sharing  
    The I-CaRe sharing events are all about learning from past experiences, both successes and failures, book reviews, etc.