Celebrate any moment with a wide selection of Tango Wafer  flavors. Light, crispy wafers baked to an original recipe from fine quality ingredients to bring you pure wafer perfection and flavors second-to-none.

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Tango Waffle

Indulge your senses with the smooth, generous cream and crunchy rice crisps of Tango Waffle. This unique taste experience comes in Crunchox, Crunchblueberry and Crunchmilk flavors.

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Tango Kraffel

Discover the exciting new snacking experience. It's not a waffle. It's not a Cracker. It’s Tango Kraffel! The light, crispy,  crunchy sensation coated with luxurious caramelized sugar.

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Tango Fusion

Prepare to be amazed by Tango Fusion. An original Tango recipe that rewards your tastebuds with five layers of premium chocolate combined with rich, smooth vanilla-milk.

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Crunch into the delicious sensation of CrunchCake, wedge-shaped wafers combining delicious cream, airy wafer layers and crispy waffle.

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Oops Wafer

Make any moment fun with Oops Wafer. A new recipe that layers extra-tasty cheese cream between crispy wafers. Available in cheese and chocolate variants.

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Get ready to fill up your days with fabulous Fullo, crispy wafer rolls filled to the brim with smooth cream in a choice of tastes: chocolate, vanilla-milk, chocolate-vanilla and chocolate-strawberry.

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Fullo Bitz

Try sensational Fullo Bitz, crunchy bite-sized chocolate wafer rolls full of smooth cream.  Perfect to snack and share anytime, anywhere.

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Oops Star

A bite-size, star-shaped crispy cracker sprinkled with an abundant amount of delicious and savory flavoring, which is baked instead of fried.

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Bloated bite-sized crackers in the shape of a Fugu Fish, with a thick layering of delicious and savory flavoring, baked instead of fried, making it suitable for any occasion and will bring joy for kids.

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Experience KLOP that unites two fabulous flavours, that lovingly combined into one delicious biscuit.

Now available in flavor variants, Butter Chocomalt and Pandan Chocomalt.

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Fullo Blasto

One Fullo Blasto is never enough, combining five sensations of caramel, wafer stick, chocolate cream, rice crisps and a rich chocolate coating. In chocolate and chocolate-strawberry variants.

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Cannon Ball

Let the deliciousness of Cannon Balls rain down on your tongue. Tender balls of milk chocolate with a crunchy coating of sugar and chocolate crisp. Every crunchy bite will make you want more.

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Refresh your days with Mintz, a chewy layered candy with attitude and non-stop minty coolness. Now even fresher with five variants: doublemint, peppermint, lemonmint, cherrymint and  grapemint.

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MintZ Zig Zag

MintZ Zig Zag, varian baru dari Permen Mintz dengan 3 rasa dalam 1 gigitan!

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MintZ Zing

BARU DARI PERMEN MINTZ! MintZ Zing! Dapatkan sensasi baru yang bisa buat kamu lebih semangat dan segar maksimal! Permen MintZ Zing emang paling ZemeriZING!!

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Meet Blaster, the undisputed champion of flavour. The striped candy with a sensational blast of chocolate hidden inside. Available in chocolate and Neapolitan flavours.

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Blaster Pop

Excite your day with Blaster Pop. A striped lollipop with a center full of fun. Available in a choice of flavors: Fruitful (Fruit punch, Tropical Fruit, Mix Berries), Chocoful (Choco Freeze, Choco Cinno, Choco Fruit), Milkful (Vanila Milk, Strawberry Milk, Choco Milk).

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Blaster Chewy

Rather than chewing on your problems, chew into some Blaster Chewy instead. Each striped Orange Mint candy combines chewy cool refreshing mint with a chocolate blast surprise inside.

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Kurang Asem

Boost up your spirits with Kurang Asem, the unique candy with surprising sour centres and flavor combinations: Kurang Asem Apel, Kurang Asem Apel Blackcurrant and Kurang Asem Hot Rujak.

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Station Rasa

Are you ready to discover the amazing flavors of Station Rasa? The chewy candy with selected fruit flavours: Ice cream, Assorted Fruits and Durian.

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Oops Kunyah

Enjoy snacking without guilty feelings with Oops Kunyah, a healthy snack with a long-lasting deliciousness in 3 variants; chocolate strawberry, cheese and mung bean.

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Rich flavor roasted nuts with baked process, not fried. Available in 3 types of nuts : roasted peanuts, shell peanuts, and cashew nuts.

In a daze? Get Kayaking!

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Teh Gelas

Refresh your days with Teh Gelas, a healthy tea, rich in natural antioxidants, brewed from quality all-natural tea with 100% cane sugar. Enjoy the refreshment of original or  green tea flavours.

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Vita Jelly Drink

Quench your thirst with a healthy, refreshing Vita Jelly Drink, enriched with vitamin B3, B6, C and high fibre content to energize your day. Now even fresher in Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Passion Fruit, and Soursop flavours.

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Vita Pudding

Enjoy a refreshing, creamy Vita Pudding made with milk, cane sugar and real fruit juice. Available in chocolate, vanilla caramel, strawberry, and mango flavours.

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Mineral Water


Air Mineral yang berasal dari sumber mata air pegunungan yang mengandung mineral dengan pH-seimbang, serta terjamin kesegaran dan kejernihannya.

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Herbal Drink

Liang Cha

Nikmati minuman Liang Teh pertama di Indonesia dalam kemasan botol yang diproses dengan Teknologi Aseptic. Isinya komplit dan diolah dari bahan – bahan asli berkualitas :

Tea Leaves yang kaya antioksidan, Chrysanthemum yang berfungsi sebagai penyejuk alami, Grass Jelly yang baik untuk pencernaan dan Wheat Grass yang bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh.

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Health Drink


Keep your spirits high whatever day it is with Kiranti. A drink to ease women through their monthly cycle, included in the OHT (Standardized Herbal Medicine) category, made from natural (herbal), standardized ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically proven to be safe and beneficial. Available in Sehat Datang Bulan, Pegal Linu, and Sehat Datang Bulan Plus Juice variants.  

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Formula Toothpaste

Time to gain more confidence with Formula, a toothpaste with the latest technology, available in Action Protector, Strong Protector, Sparkling White, Sensitive Active Care and Confident variants.

Also available in Junior Vitamin Orange, Junior Vitamin Strawberry, Special Pack Orange, Special Pack Strawberry, and Special Pack Grape variants for kids.

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ABC Dent

Toothpaste for promoting oral protection and long lasting fresh breath.

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Formula Toothbrush

Witness the breakthrough in healthy teeth with Formula toothbrush. Enhanced with an ergonomic design, elegant and specifically designed for the needs of the Indonesian people.

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Formula Mouthwash

Keep your breath fresh every day with Formula Mouthwash. Using fresh lock technology that seals the freshness of your breath 2x longer and immediately eliminates bad breath. Available in Protector Cool n Fresh, Protector Citrus Mint, Confident, and Sparkling White.

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HQ7 Hairmilk, A vitamin spray for daily hair nutrition and protection. A formula made from 7 active ingredients guards and protects hair to keep it smooth, soft, healthy, and  strong.

Dermatologically tested, supervised by Dermscan France. Just spray for instant beautiful hair without  becoming drenched.

Available in Lively Floral, Misty Musk, Simply Fruity, and Very Berry aroma variants.

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Discover the safer. more comfortable way to shave with excellent, smooth results every time. RAVE razors are engineered in Germany with fine quality and high precision. Select your better way to shave from: RAVE Twist Lock, RAVE Solid Edge, RAVE Ultimate 5 Razor and RAVE Ultimate 5 Cartridges.

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Paket Bingkisan

Paket Bingkisan

Rayakan momen acara keluarga tercinta dengan paket bingkisan dari OT. Tersedia berbagai macam paket yang cocok untuk kebutuhan Anda.

Untuk pemesanan bisa menghubungi :

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